Faith Berger x The Art Rug

by Faith Berger

The Faith Berger Rug collection is where artistry meets functionality, bringing forth a range of exquisite floor art that effortlessly elevates any space. Every rug in this collection is a brainchild of Faith Berger's unparalleled design sensibilities, meticulously brought to life by THE ART RUG. Crafted using 100% New Zealand Wool, these rugs are not only visually stunning but also boast unmatched durability and softness. While standard sizes are available for immediate selection on the website, the collection offers unparalleled customization. These rugs can be tailored up to a grand expanse of 20 feet, allowing for adaptability to various spatial requirements. Furthermore, the unique offering of this collection is the ability to transform any image into a bespoke rug design, ensuring that each piece resonates with personal aesthetics and stories. Dive into a world where your flooring can reflect your artistic inclinations, all thanks to the collaborative brilliance of Faith Berger and THE ART RUG.