Original Artwork

by Faith Berger

Faith Berger is renowned for crafting exquisite artwork on canvas using an eclectic blend of mediums. With a keen understanding of design and aesthetics, she offers bespoke designs tailored to harmoniously fit any room, be it large or intimate. Her artistic palette is vast, incorporating the vibrant tones of acrylic, the delicate hues of gouache, the textured effects of modeling paste, and the fine lines of graphite. While she draws deep inspiration from the legendary masters who have graced the art world, Faith has cultivated a signature style that sets her work apart. Each of her canvases tells a story, layered with intricate paintwork, textures, and emotions, and requires a meticulous month of dedicated work for completion.

For those who appreciate art that resonates, her masterpieces are available for acquisition six weeks after placing an order.