Choosing The Perfect Frame for Acrylic Artwork

Choosing The Perfect Frame for Acrylic Artwork

What is the importance of choosing the right frame for your acrylic artwork?

Choosing the right frame for your acrylic artwork is crucial as it can greatly enhance the overall presentation and impact of your piece. The frame serves as a visual border, highlighting and complementing the artwork, while also protecting it from external elements. A well-chosen frame can elevate your artwork, making it more visually appealing and professional.

What factors should you consider when choosing a frame?

When selecting a frame for your acrylic artwork, there are several factors to consider:

  • Style: Consider the style of your artwork and choose a frame that complements it. For modern and abstract pieces, sleek and minimalist frames often work well. Traditional or classic artworks may benefit from ornate and decorative frames.

  • Color: The color of the frame should harmonize with the colors in your artwork. Choose a frame color that enhances the overall aesthetic and doesn't distract from the artwork itself.

  • Material: Frames can be made from various materials such as wood, metal, or plastic. Consider the durability, weight, and visual appeal of different materials when making your choice.

  • Size: The frame should be proportionate to the size of your artwork. It should neither overwhelm nor underwhelm the piece. Take measurements and choose a frame that fits the dimensions of your artwork appropriately.

  • Matting: Matting refers to the border between the artwork and the frame. It can add depth and visual interest to your piece. Consider the color and thickness of the matting to create the desired effect.

Are there any specific frames that work well with acrylic artwork?

While the choice of frame ultimately depends on personal preference and the specific artwork, there are a few frame styles that tend to work well with acrylic artwork:

  • Floater Frames: Floater frames are designed to create the illusion that the artwork is floating within the frame. They are particularly effective for showcasing acrylic artwork as they allow the vibrant colors and textures to take center stage.

  • Sleek Metal Frames: Metal frames with clean lines and a minimalist design can provide a contemporary and sleek look to acrylic artwork. They can add a touch of modernity without overpowering the artwork.

  • Shadow Box Frames: Shadow box frames are deeper frames that create a sense of depth and dimension. They work well with acrylic artwork that has texture or three-dimensional elements.

Where can you find the perfect frame for your acrylic artwork?

There are various places where you can find the perfect frame for your acrylic artwork:

  • Art Supply Stores: Visit local art supply stores that offer a wide selection of frames specifically designed for artwork.

  • Custom Framing Shops: Consider getting your acrylic artwork professionally framed at a custom framing shop. They can provide expert advice and create a frame tailored to your specific needs.

  • Online Retailers: Explore online retailers that specialize in art supplies and frames. They often offer a wide range of options and convenient shipping.


Choosing the perfect frame for your acrylic artwork is an important decision that can greatly impact the overall presentation and visual appeal of your piece. Consider factors such as style, color, material, size, and matting when making your choice. Experiment with different frame styles and find the one that best enhances your artwork. Remember, the right frame can elevate your acrylic artwork and make it truly stand out.

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