Building a Gallery Wall

Building a Gallery Wall

Creating a gallery wall involves several steps:

1. Choose a Theme or Style:

Decide on a theme or style for your gallery wall, whether it's based on a particular color scheme, a specific subject matter (like travel photos or abstract art), or a mix of various artworks.Gather Artwork: Collect the pieces you want to include in your gallery wall. These can be paintings, photographs, prints, posters, or other decorative items

2. Plan Layout:

Lay out your artwork on the floor to experiment with different arrangements until you find one you like. Consider the spacing between pieces and how they relate to each other visual. I usually like 3-4” between pieces on all sides and equidistant from the walls. 

3.Prepare Wall:

Measure the wall space where you'll hang your gallery wall and mark the area with painter's tape. This will help you visualize the layout before making any holes. Start with the bottom piece 40” from the floor for  9’ ceiling.

4.Hang Artwork:

Start by hanging the largest or central piece first, then work outward. Use a level to ensure each piece is straight, and consider using picture-hanging templates or apps to help with spacing.

5. Fill in Spaces:

Once the main pieces are up, fill in any gaps with smaller artworks or decorative elements like mirrors, clocks, or wall-mounted plants.

6. Finishing Touches:

Step back and assess the overall look of your gallery wall. Make any adjustments as needed, such as rearranging pieces or adding additional artwork.Secure Artwork: Ensure all pieces are securely fastened to the wall to prevent accidents or damage.

6. Enjoy: Admire your gallery wall! It's now ready to be enjoyed and appreciated by you and your guests.


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