Sept 11, 2014 - Nicole Landau's Solo Exhibit - Portals

Representing Nicole Landau is a particular pleasure for the company. Her mixed media art has depth and reflects her insight as to how the world works. Nicole's imaginative eye and the subjects she chooses resonate with today's society, while displaying the class and complexity of bygone years.

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Dec 11, 2008 -

Feature article in St. Louis Homes

Aug 09, 2008 - The Crescent

Gerard Tsutakawa's exciting installation will be situated in front of The Crescent on Carondelet Avenue. Gerard Tsutakawa uses a hand rubbed patina which gives the rich hues of golds, crimsons and bronzes. The light upon hitting the sculpture explodes with texture and depth, yet remains smooth as silk on the surface.

The piece is entitled Uzumaki #6 and depicts a vortex. The notion that mankind is a vortex and can be created by positive energy to the good of all. This will be an amazing daily reminder of the beauty in the world. Having a world class sculpture in St. Louis demonstrates The Crescent in Clayton and Mark S Mehlman Realty's commitment to artwork and culture.

The sculpture is 13'L x 9'H x 6'W.

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